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A Child is Born

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

When we had our children, it was one of the greatest blessings in life. The joy of their birth brought a feeling like no other. Even though this is true, I was also both overjoyed and overwhelmed with the responsibility that comes when “a child is born”.

I believe this is because of the profound depth associated with the love and connection we have with our children.

From the moment they were born, nothing in our life was ever the same.

You see, along with love, we gained a relationship with our children, which filled our lives with the beauty and privilege of watching them grow. We also felt the weight of the responsibility for guiding them through the seasons of life. Though daunting, this also filled our lives with joy and pride.

Yet, even as we revel in the growth of our children, we become increasingly more aware of the reality. Soon, they will be leaving and starting a life of their own.

This created a myriad of emotions for me as I watched our children grow. Among those emotions was fear as I realized, when they become adults, I will no longer have a controlling interest in their lives. With both of our children this awareness was very real and caused many sleepless nights.

I have come to realize the fear and apprehension was not that they would not do well. It was they would be doing it without me being there for the ups and downs life would bring.

As I think about the love I have for my children, I am reminded of a child born to a Father and mother who no doubt loved Him just as deeply. I am certain the joy they must have felt in watching their Son grow into the man He was created to be, brought them great pride as they witnessed him living out His Father’s plan for His life.

The primary difference between this child and ours is, this child was born for the purpose of dying. I can only imagine the anguish this must have created for the father and for the mother who stood by and watched the harsh and heinous way their son was treated.

As I consider this, I think of how difficult it would be for me if I knew one of my children were going to suffer and die for something they had not done. I am sure the anxiety I have felt over the years would pale in comparison to what this father and mother must have felt.

I cannot imagine purposely standing by, watching, and allowing my child to die. This is beyond human understanding, which points to the divine nature of both the father and the child.

The question I have, is what more could this father have given to demonstrate His love for you and me? It was and is truly a love beyond measure and comprehension.

This Christmas as we celebrate together with our children. Perhaps, we will take a moment to reflect on the depth of the love our heavenly Father showed us on the night Jesus was born.

Though the story seems sad, there is joy found in the reality, this child was a gift, born to die so you and I could have the opportunity to be reborn and live.

Luke 2:11, “For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”

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