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A Reflex Reflection

Watching and thinking about everything happening all around us, I cannot help but wonder how we got to this point. It is almost as if I missed something along the way.

You see, I believe my life has been a reflection of what I have considered to be living the American dream. Having come from a single parent home for most of my childhood and having lived a lifestyle without affluence, I feel I have been able to work and achieve by taking advantage of the opportunities life has presented.

I have been told I cannot understand the plight of others and I agree it is difficult to see life through another’s eyes. However, being unable to see what someone else sees does not require acceptance of a situation or conformity to a position one may find themselves in.

The “reflex reflection” is one that sees itself as unable to achieve beyond its own limitations.

Many have been convinced by the world they are not capable of reaching a goal or dream because of what they reflect. Though difficult, accepting this paradigm to, is a choice; and as with any choice, it is possible to choose differently.

Here is where faith and following intersects with the limitations the fears and failures of life can bring. The question is, will our reflex or response to life’s circumstances be a reflection of our faith or of our fear? The answer may very well determine our future.

This same question needs to be asked of the Church today. Are we responding to the chaos of our world as a “reflex reflection” of that chaos or are we reflecting the things of God as the world continues to go through the trials and tribulations life brings?

The simple truth is the Church’s response is not supposed to be a reflection of the world. The Church is supposed to reflect Christ as a response regardless of the issue or situation facing our world.

How we do that now may be more important than ever.

Though, I have no control of how others are responding to the issues of our world. I do have control over how I am responding. My hope is my response will be to reflect Christ by following His reminder to His followers to reflect the Father’s love to the world.

What about you today? Where do you find yourselves in this moment in time? Are you providing others a “reflex reflection” or are you striving to reflect Jesus?

We need to understand and realize, we are all doing one or the other!

Proverbs 27:19, “As in water face reflects face, So, the heart of man reflects man”.

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