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Acting out of Ignorance

If ignorance can be defined as not knowing, then “acting out of ignorance” can be defined as making decisions to act without knowing why.

This seems to be commonplace today as the idea of self-determination challenges everything from basic anatomy and biology to the rule of law and the role of government.

In fact, we are living in an age where “acting out of ignorance” is occurring and being considered as forward thinking, enlightened and virtuous, which seems to be the desire of many.

The irony is forward thinking, and virtue are both subjective. Since what one believes is forward thinking, another sees as archaic and backwards. Virtue too lends itself to individual perspectives as one person sees an issue as virtuous, while another sees it as nefarious.

Because of this, we see tension and conflict arising over the way people see things.

Some of these tensions and conflicts can be avoided and resolved if we know how to defend and justify our position before we act or respond. To do so requires us to be informed, instead of ignorant.

I am not suggesting we should not show empathy and seek virtue. I just believe neither can be achieved if done out of ignorance. To avoid being ignorant, we must take the time to research and thoughtfully consider the things we see and hear so we can know the truth and apply that truth to our lives.

A major challenge to being informed is the idea and application of relative truth. Which simply means the truth is relative to and different for everyone. This is a challenge because the truth is, relative truth is not truth at all.

If we can agree with this the question becomes, where do we find truth? I believe must start with the source of all truth. The Word of God, the Bible.

If this offends you or triggers your sensibilities, I will ask if you have ever seriously considered researching the truth as presented in the Bible? If you have not because of a preconceived notion or personal bias, then I would contend you need to stop “acting out of ignorance” and find out for yourself.

At least then if you chose not to believe the truths presented you will have not based your decisions and responses from a position of being uninformed.

“Acting out of ignorance” is a choice we make. When we do so, I would just like us to be able see how ignorant we really are!

John 8:31-32,So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, if you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.

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