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Comfortably Numb

For those who know me, you know I have always struggled with contentment or the lack thereof. Through the years, I have often felt this was a weakness as it has made it difficult for me to be satisfied.

As I survey my life and what is happening all around us, I truly believe being discontent at times may, in fact, be both healthy and necessary.

Though there are many who may argue against this statement, the evidence for my contention is seen in the complacency and submissive nature that is masquerading as contentment in our world today.

The reality is many have mistaken being content with being “comfortably numb”. These two live precariously close to one another. Contentment is being satisfied with who we are and what we do. While being “comfortably numb” is accepting our situation and mistaking it for satisfaction.

This can occur when we see no benefit in objecting or resisting even in the most bizarre set of circumstances.

We see this happening all around us. It is apparent in the laissez-fair attitudes as rights are being restricted and properties are being destroyed. It is almost as if people have given in, and in many cases, given up, by resigning themselves to accepting these types of things without voicing any opposition or expressing any real concern.

The problem with being “comfortably numb” is it is a slow roll and unfortunately it is a downhill one. This condition does not lessen as we allow it to gain ground in our life. It just gains momentum the longer we allow it to persist.

To reverse course, we will need to reassess our willingness to be submissive against our need to be content. Doing so, will require us to be uncomfortable which is always more difficult than, giving in.

The question we must ask ourselves is where am I today? Have I become content, or have I become “comfortably numb”? The answer may be different for each of us but asking the question will reveal where we go from here.

We must remember, though it can be comfortable being numb, but being comfortable does not guarantee we will be content.

1 Timothy 6:6, “But godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment”.

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