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Dissatisfaction, Discouragement and Desperation

Although I have not watched the news for almost two years now, I am still aware of the “dissatisfaction, discouragement and desperation” that appears to be all around us.

I am uncertain of the reason for much of this, but my assumption is many believe they are not going to be able to accomplish and achieve at the same level of those around them.

The irony of this statement for me is, how do you know if you do not try?

I have been told trying is useless and futile because the opportunities to succeed and the likelihood of success are not what they were for people like me. In fact, I have been told it was easier for me and people of my generation.

I find this to be a bit condescending since, those asserting this were not alive when I was dealing with the same feelings of dissatisfaction, discouragement, and desperation”. The other point I would like to make is many voicing this perspective are doing so as they are attending college and living a life that does not require them to work to do so.

Certainly, this statement is not absolute, but it does appear to be statistically accurate.

So, why is this? Why are young people, with their entire lives ahead of them, so dissatisfied, discouraged, and desperate? The only thing I can surmise is they are focusing on what they don’t have instead of what they do.

I grew up in a very economically challenged home life. I dropped out of high school in eleventh grade and joined the military. I did so because my life was filled with “dissatisfaction, discouragement and desperation”.

I believe a primary difference in my response, compared to the ones I see today, was I believed the only way I could find satisfaction, encouragement and hope for a better tomorrow was to strive to do my best today.

I have been told the world is different now and I am out of touch with what people are going through today. Perhaps, but taking the attitude I am responsible for my life has not changed, maybe the willingness to do so has.

I am not disputing starting out in in life is daunting. I am just saying starting out believing you cannot rise above your circumstance, or someone should change the playing field to make it easier for you, is an illusion of epic proportions.

Just as each older generation feels the younger ones will never amount to anything, the younger generation has always believed they have a more difficult task than those who went before them.

The fact “dissatisfaction, discouragement and desperation” comes from this type of thinking is nothing new. Apparently, what we can do about it has changed entirely.

How do we change this perspective? It starts with believing your life has purpose and meaning. I believe the only way to accomplish this is to find a relationship with the God who died to prove its true.

That God is Jesus. He is the source of the satisfaction, encouragement, and hope we are all seeking!

Jeremiah 31:25, “For I satisfy the weary ones and refresh everyone who languishes.”


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Paul W Petrillo
Paul W Petrillo
Jun 04
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Like Mic J says, " I Can't Get No, Satisfaction, Hey, Hey, Hey!"

John Whitehead
John Whitehead
Jun 04
Replying to

Haha, I actually wrote another blog using that song!

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