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Divided by Disagreement

Division is at the heart of many cultural issues today. The ability to divide is one of the greatest weapons that can be used to control an outcome or push forth an agenda.

The practice of dividing people by class and ethnicity is tried-and-true. Throughout history, this method has led to the collapse of cultures and empires. In fact, it is so effective it is still being used today.

Division is the cause of many of the problems we currently face. As people are being divided by race, religion, genders, sexualities, and preferences of all sources.

How are people easily divided?

I think this question bears significant consideration as we see the by-product of division resulting in anger, frustration, and hatred. This creates an environment where emotions reign and, as in the past, people are led to do and feel things they would not normally do or feel.

This not only leads to destructive behavior, but it also leads to confusion,

which can stifle both creativity and growth.

If we can acknowledge this is possible, we can see how basic disagreements can easily and effectively be used to divide us.

Being, “divided by disagreement” results in a collapse of communication and caring. Here is where our individual thoughts and desires become a tool to be used to instill hard feelings and distrust, which are not worth the argument.

The question becomes; how long will it be before we wake up and see our disagreements are being used to manipulate and divide us?

What has happened to us? How have we become so consumed with being right that we refuse to look for ways to cooperate?

I am not sure, but I do know, the idea of being “divided by disagreement” though not new, is more prominent now then anytime I remember. In fact, I remember a time when we could listen to one another, disagree, and still walk away friends.

I believe the problem is we have given in to a nature that exists in each of us. One I have written about in the past. It is the nature of self. Here is where division finds its’ root. Because, when we cannot see a way for someone else to have a differing view, division is all we have left.

When this occurs, those who are intent on using division as a weapon against us have won.

You see, as Jesus told us, “A house divided cannot stand”. If we can acknowledge this to be true, we must realize those who wish to see us divided also know it.

What if we flipped the script and instead of being “divided by disagreement”, we became united despite our differences.

Then, perhaps we could return to that age where we could disagree today and still be friends tomorrow. Not only would this allow us the freedom to express our differences, but it will also make it impossible to divide us.

Then we would be able to stand as we were created to do, together!!!

Mark 3:24-25, “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.

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