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Free to Follow

We do not have to look far to see, people follow people. This occurs for a variety of reasons and can be both positive and negative.

I believe the question we must ask is why we follow who we follow? Because we are “free to follow” anyone at any time.

Though this can be a good thing, there is also the possibility we could be following the wrong person. This leads to the reality who we follow is as important as why we follow them.

The freedom to follow whom we chose is influenced by our own perceptions. Perhaps it is the power of a position or strength of a personality. Or, is it the influence some wield and the hope we have to grow in our influence by following them?

The answer to these questions will vary from person to person and situation to situation. But one truth is constant, we all are being influenced. The results of this influence will be seen in the way we are influencing others.

You see, being “free to follow” means we are also free to lead and leading should be the driving force in our lives as we realize others may become what they see in us.

Knowing this has led me to desire to be the best leader I can be. This has helped me to view leadership as an opportunity not an obligation.

You may think, well someone could do worse than following my example. Perhaps this is true but in my life there are times when I know I am not the best example I can be.

What can we do to ensure we are living in such a way that others can benefit from our example? We need to start by paying attention to those we are following.

You see, I believe people have been placed in our lives to learn from, not to follow. In my own life I have learned what not to do from those in my life more often than what to do.

This has helped me to become a better man, husband, father, sibling, and friend.

Does this mean I have it all together? Absolutely not. It simply means I have learned from the mistakes of others and I am hoping I can help keep others from making those same mistakes.

If we are not to follow people, who do we follow? I believe the answer to that question can be found in two profound words spoken by Jesus. Those words are, “follow me”.

Here is where we can find the way we should live, love and lead. It is His example that leads us to being the person we were created to be.

The irony here is though we are “free to follow” Jesus, most of us will spend the better part of our lives ignoring that invitation. Instead, we will follow others and miss out on the opportunity to follow the greatest example who ever lived.

The beauty is it is never too late! We are “free to follow” Jesus at any time. So, why not start following Him today?

John 13:15, “I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you.

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