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Google It

Today, it is possible to find out about anything we are interested in. The method we often use is we, “google it”.

When we do, we can find out what is happening in our social network, our country, and our world.

There are also times, we “google it” to validate how we think and feel about a particular situation or issue.

Though being able to freely acquire information is amazing, it can also expose us to things we may have never seen, thought, or known about. The problem with this is many rarely research the information to find out if it is right or not.

In fact, there are times when there is no interest in pursuing the truth at all.

Instead, the information sought is a means to an end. That end is being able to feel like we are on the right side of whatever is being hailed as the truth.

The truth is, everything we read, watch, and listen to on the internet is not always accurate, correct, or true. This doesn’t seem to matter to many who use the internet to give merit to their points of view. Rarely do we “google it” to consider a view different from our own.

I am sure this will offend some who consider themselves to be educated, free thinkers; even when they are being ignorant and closed-minded to an opposing point of view.

Today, it seems the only acceptable way to think is the one that makes you feel good. This is why people align themselves with social issues they perceive as kind or caring. Even when they know in their hearts, these issues may not be beneficial at all.

I believe the reason this is occurring is not because people have suddenly become concerned, kind, and caring. It is occurring because this method and these tools and resources are being used as a means of control.

You might be thinking control of what? The answer is your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, perspectives, and points of view.

In the end whether you choose to accept my premise or not. I hope we can agree with the possibility that the right thing might not always feel right and just because something feels right doesn’t make it right.

If we cannot agree, I suppose you can always “google it” and find an answer that works for you!

1 Thessalonians 5:21, "But test all things carefully [so you can recognize what is good]. Hold firmly to that which is good.

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