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Holding Up, Holding Out and Holding On

As everything is essentially put on pause and even the most basic aspects of our lives are being held up, we can all see how difficult the process of “holding up” can be. Waiting and wonder what is coming next creates stress, tension and anxiety for most of us.

Being held up from our plans and from simply going about our day to day lives is not something we are used to and not something we are comfortable with.

However, as with most things in life, there is another side we can consider. “Holding up” gives us an opportunity to reassess and reevaluate, what matters most.

As we put our lives on hold, we have a chance see how blessed we are to have the freedoms we normally possess.

“Holding out”is also required of us at this moment. Though it is not the same as “holding up”, “holding out” is an opportunity for us to allow our hope to be seen and realized. It is an opportunity for us to demonstrate we know there is something better coming. This gives us a chance to trust God in the middle of tremendous uncertainty.

This should be a natural response to us as Christ-followers. This is where we have an opportunity to show others we know our God is with and He is for us.

The last thing I want us to consider is what it means to be “holding on” and even more importantly, who and what are we “holding on” to.

You see, when our faith and hope are rooted in Jesus,“holding on” to Him will give us the willingness to allow our lives to be held up and the confidence and assurance to hold out as we wait for this season to pass.

“Holding on” in times of trouble or fear is where we can find comfort knowing we are not alone.

My hope as I write this is that we will all be able to “hold up, hold out and hold on” in the middle of these uncertain times knowing our Lord is “holding on” to us!

Hebrews 3:14,” We have come to share in Christ, if indeed we hold our original conviction firmly to the very end.”

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