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A Peaceful Easy Feeling

As our world seems to be giving way to chaos and panic. We see that people fear what they don’t understand. In the middle of all this, I long for that “peaceful easy feeling” that comes from the certainty and routine of everyday life. Now is the time to foster, remember and focus on that feeling.

The way we can do that is to live our lives well before others. We can do so with a faith and confidence that demonstrates we believe life is a gift and each moment a treasure to cherish.

“A peaceful easy feeling” is the byproduct of focusing on the goodness of a God that has never let us down and the joy found in living and sharing life with those around.

Our families, friends, co-workers and the people we are in contact with each day are all watching how we respond in times of strife and difficulty.

So, if we can live today as if we understand how wonderful it is to be together, perhaps a “peaceful easy feeling” will replace the anxious and disturbing feelings many are facing.

For Christ-followers, this should not be optional, this should be our natural response to every moment we face in life.

The bottom line is, it is up to us how we deal with the unknown and the uncertainty that each day brings.

The belief that today is the worst situation we have ever faced, is questionable at the very least. Regardless of your perspective on that statement, it is how we respond now that will make the difference as we go forward.

Our Lord gave us clear instruction regarding the worry and anxiety associated with uncertainty chaos and panic. His statement regarding those emotions was clear and concise.


I believe we need to heed His words and live our lives with “a peaceful easy feeling”. When we do, we may very well bring some peace and ease into the lives of those around us.

As with everything. The choice is ours.

John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not be afraid.

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