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I See it Differently

Recently, I have struggled to understand the willingness of people to give in to mandates that affect their personal liberties. I must admit, my attitude towards the situation has not always been good and is not improving.

While contemplating this, it has become obvious to me, people do not see things the same way I do. In fact, I have come to realize, “I see it differently” and others may genuinely see it differently too.

How is it possible to look at the same thing and see something completely different? I think the answer lies in our actual ability to see.

Our vision is real; but our vision can be subjective. At times, we simply see what we choose to see. Other times, our ability to see is obscured and unclear.

The evidence can be found when we consider the reality of optical illusions. Perhaps you have seen the one in which some people see a picture of a beautiful girl, while others see a haggard old woman. In this picture we each may see one or the other at the same time. Does that mean one of us is wrong? No, not at all. It just means we see things differently.

Here is where we must decide to accept and respect this reality.

As I wrestle with this truth, I must ask myself whether I am willing to accept the possibility people who are for what I am against are not blind or stupid, they genuinely just see things differently.

If allowed, here is where grace can play a significant role in our lives. Here is where we can choose to value the person over our own opinions or perspectives. This can be difficult to do. But it may not be as difficult as we can make it.

So where do we go from here? I cannot speak for anyone but myself, but I am going to consider the possibility no matter how clear something is to me, someone else truly may not see it the way I do. I must learn to be willing to say, “I see it differently “.

This, as with everything in life, is a choice and whether I choose to accept this possibility is up to me.

So, the next time we see someone who has a perspective we cannot see, maybe we will ask ourselves, are they seeing the beautiful girl or the haggard old woman we may be seeing? My hope is just considering the possibility may provide enough space for understanding.

Regardless, the thing to remember is, we decide if we can respect a point of view we do not see, and to do so we will have to start by admitting, “I see it differently”.

Matthew 5:8, “Blessed is the pure in heart, for they will see God”.

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Douglas McClain
Douglas McClain
06. Sept. 2021

Good thoughts John - sometimes the views are on what one would give weight to as considerable nature as the belief in God or understanding of His nature - other times is on matters insignificant as I found that restaurant appetizing or I found that restaurant unappetizing - sometimes our experiences share our views as if we were attacked by a Rottweiler then that individual may think all Rottweiler's are dangerous - another may be able to generalize and say just this dog was prone to attack - what is important as mentioned is to meet each person at the point of grace where we may respectfully disagree and move on and decide is your belief on a matter so…

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John Whitehead
John Whitehead
06. Sept. 2021
Antwort an

Thanks Doug! I appreciate your view and insights as always!!

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