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Image Bearers

In today’s world, image is everything because how you are perceived is how you are seen by those on the outside looking in. This creates a need for people, businesses, organizations, and churches to put forth an image they believe appeals to those they are trying to influence.

This is because the need to have influence is felt across every genre. A positive influence is believed to lead to positive results while a negative influence is assumed to have a negative effect.

Being an “image bearer” is something people and those leading their respective organizations are keenly aware of. We know this because of the emphasis placed on marketing and statistical data.

When the data reveals a cultural shift these image conscious leaders strive to put forth the image they believe is desired at the time. It creates a chameleon effect as people seem to change with the wind which leads to confusion for those on the inside and outside.

The interesting part is being an “image bearer “is not something we should strive to manipulate or change as the winds of culture shift. This is true because we all bear a unique and valuable image of our own. 

How we are seen or perceived is certainly beyond our control, but the reality is we are who we are and how we have been created to be.

In some of the circles in which I move, images are being crafted and dictated unapologetically by those in charge. They do so, of course, with the noblest of intentions as they seek to create an image, they believe is attracting their target audience.

The irony is the same people may be creating images they will not be able to measure up to themselves. But because of the power of their position, they may never be told they are not living up to the very image they have created. Instead, these same people will sit back knowing these people are trying to bear the image of someone they are not.

The question I have is why someone would want to portray an image that is not their own. Is it to fulfill a desire to feel relevant or are they trying to hold back the hands of time?

I am sure the answer varies from person to person but, I do know, we are all “image bearers” and we bear the image of who we are now.

In my life I am very aware time is moving forward faster than ever before. I am also aware more so than ever there is only one image I care and hope to bear.

That is the image of Christ who has given me the opportunity to live that image out before others.

You see, we are all “image bearers” and we should bear those images with the same conviction and strength of character He did!

Colossians 1:15, “Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. He existed before anything was created and is supreme over all creation,”



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