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It Hurts So Good

It has been said that love hurts. I am sure each of us can attest to this truth. Perhaps it occurred when we were young, and we loved someone who did not love us back. Later we may have experienced the pain of losing someone we love.

Regardless of the situation or circumstance, we can all say we have been hurt by love at one time or another.

The interesting part of the hurt we experience is the excitement and joy found in the anticipation of caring for someone and the everlasting memories of the one we have lost. These instances reveal the pleasure that can precede the pain.

In fact, you might say, “it hurts so good”.

As I ponder this statement, I realize, it applies to many instances of life. From the effort we put into physical training, to the time and energy we apply to our education, occupations, and relationships.

We have all, no doubt, experienced the truth, “it hurts so good”.

Perhaps we have seen the pleasure found in working our hardest to succeed, only to succumb to the pain failure can bring.

In recent weeks I have had a shoulder that has become a bit of a problem, so I have been exercising to deal with that area specifically. Recently, someone asked me about my shoulder and how the rehab was going.

My answer was I am doing okay, “you know, there is a fine line between pleasure and pain. In fact, “it hurts so good”.

I believe this is what perseverance can feel like at times. As we push through and struggle with the issues we face in life, we must remember the pleasure found prior to and on the other side of the pain.

If we really think about it, we see this truth lived out over and over. If hurting so good was not the case, we would not put forth the kind of effort we do knowing there is a real chance for failure. Yet, we do so even though we understand pain may be the result.


The truth is the joy or pleasure we gain from our experiences are worth the possibility of the pain we may endure. It is here our characters are tested and formed. It is here we find hope that allows us to push on in the middle of the uncertainty life can brings.

Experience teaches us pleasure and pain are very close to one another and “it hurts so good”, that it is worth the risk, don’t you think?

Ephesians 4:2, “Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

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