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Mothers and Fathers

As we move past another year of honoring our “Mothers and Fathers”, I cannot help but reflect on losing mine. Each year I am reminded they are no longer with me, but equally as important, I remember how special it was when they were.

The interesting part of this is many times it takes losing someone before we can appreciate how much they mean to us.

Though my father was not a part of my life early on, I am blessed to remember moments where we hunted and fished, or we just talked and laughed. The impact he had on my life is real and his loss is something I still feel today.

My mom was a single mother for most of my life and so I have many memories where it was just her and her children. The times we spent together in the final years of her life were the most precious for me. We met every Friday morning for the last two years of her life and just enjoyed talking and laughing together.

My purpose in writing this is to remind those who still have their parents with them to take the time and love them. You see, just like your children, your “Mothers and Fathers” are a gift from God.

I am not naïve to think every parent has been the kind they should have been. In my life there were times where my parents made mistakes that affected my siblings and me.

You may think, you do not know my mother or father. You have no idea what I went through. Though this is true, what I do know is the relationship God intended between a parent and child was one of trust, love, and honor. Because we are all human there are times when these relationships will be less than they should.

So, if you are one of those people who has been hurt by a parent, perhaps you can do as I do and take the time to remember the moments when they were the most important thing in your life. When you were young, and they brought you a feeling of comfort and security. Or when you were older and they were a listening ear, a kind word, and a warm embrace.

If you cannot remember those times, maybe instead of being angry or hurt, you should be the one to create times like this while you have the time.

The one thing I am certain of, is one day, you will be where I find myself today. You will be without your parents and be constantly reminded they are gone by the void that exists in your life.

The truth is the time we have together is short. In fact, it may be much shorter than you think. So, while you have the time, love your “Mothers and Fathers” the way you hope to be loved by your children one day.

If you take the time to consider the admonition in, Exodus 20:12, “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you”.

You will realize as I have, loving and honoring our “Mothers and Fathers” is never what we have done. It is what we do while we have the time!

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