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Nothing Else Matters

Since the Garden, when Adam and Eve gave into temptation, people have been consumed with the desire for more. Many times, this desire leads us to the point where “nothing else matters” other than getting what we desire.

This confirms what we try and deny. We are the center of our focus. This does not change from generation to generation as people of all races, creeds and cultures live their lives as if “nothing else matters”, but them.

It is no different in this self-serving, me oriented world we live in today. In fact, if we are honest, it is not difficult to see we are the most important things in our life. The fact we are prone to this self-focus and self-absorption is one of the great conundrums of life.


It could be because even though, many desire and strive to be selfless and are truly concerned with the well-being of others. That desire gives way to the need for credit or acknowledgement for the help we were led to provide.

This need for recognition makes caring, giving, and serving increasingly more difficult.

So, there is no misunderstanding, I know I am not immune to this reality. Having always been driven has led me to live life in a way that makes me susceptible to not considering the consequences or effect my drive may have on those around me.

It is as if I have always lived my life as if “nothing else matters” except the goal I had set out to accomplish.

Though true, time has a way of exposing the areas where improvement is needed. This can be truly humbling when we face the reality, “nothing else matters” to us, except for us.

What can we do about this me focused perspective? I am not certain, but one thing we must determine is, where we derive our value or self-worth.

We need to ask ourselves is our value and self-worth found in what others think of us. The reason this is important is how we are perceived by others can be a driving force for most of us.

Because of this, if we are not careful, even in times of serving and caring, we can find a way to make it about us. We must constantly wrestle against this if we are going to be able to see the beauty of living our life as if something else matters.

Regardless, one thing is certain, if we are not careful, this consumption minded world will lead us closer to resentment than contentment.

If you are anything like me, doing what I must do is all that has ever mattered to me.

Finding a way to care and serve others and to see there is more to life than us is where we find purpose. Not because it benefits us in some way, but because it is an opportunity for us to be of benefit to someone else.

“Nothing else matters” is only true if that is all that matters to you!

Philippians 2:3-4, “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

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