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Our Greatest Commodity

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

In this investment minded culture, the value of any commodity in generally expressed in its return on investment. The precept is, the greater the risk, the greater reward.

This is true and is seen in the value we place on our investments. It is said, where our treasure is, is where you will find our hearts.

I have been considering this reality as I think about life and the speed in which it goes by. In doing so, I have come to believe, time is “our greatest commodity”. If so, then what we do with the time we have is more important than any other investment we will ever make.

The question I have begun to ask is, have I spent my time wisely? This has led me to contemplate how I have spent and where I am spending my time.

If I am spending it in search of more resources, I suppose one would say it has been spent wisely. Though not unreasonable, I am not so sure I agree with that statement.

Because no matter how much wealth I accumulate, I cannot acquire more time. Knowing this, I must ask will those I love, think of me as a man who valued the time, I had with them? Or will they say I spent all my time focused on work and wealth and missed the opportunity to love and cherish our time together.

If time is “our greatest commodity” then that is what I need to give to those I love.

If I am a husband who loves his wife as Christ loved the Church, then I need to show her by investing in our relationship by being with her and for her. As a father of adult children, I can only look back now and wonder how different our relationship would be now if I had of spent more time doing what they wanted to do.

The unfortunate reality of time is once it has passed, it is gone forever.

So, what can I do now? How can I make up for the time I lost and the opportunities I squandered? I think the answer is simple. There is nothing I can do about what has already happened. But there is most definitely something I can do with the time I have left.

I can remind those who are where I once was that they will not get back the time they have been given and express to them the value of spending “our greatest commodity” wisely.

I can share the need to love dearly and hold closely those we are privileged to share life with and the difficulty that exists when you look back and realize you didn’t manage your time with them the way you should have.

The irony is even as I write this, I know most people will not heed this advice.

This is because as I once did, most people believe they will have time to love their families later. Even more ironic is the belief that providing for their wants and needs is the best way they can show them love.

It saddens me to understand the depth of this mindset because of the damage it will do to every generation of people who get caught up in the belief, providing for those we love is more important than being with them.

You see, “our greatest commodity” is time and time is running out! The dividends we receive will be equal to the investments we have made.

The question I have for everyone is how often are you funding the investment you are making with the time you have been given?

Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

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