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Reason Gives Way

This is a very strange time. It is as if nothing makes sense. Truth has eroded to the point it is almost unrecognizable. Fear is being used as a tool to dominate our culture as people pursue self-preservation to the demise of everything else. Division is being promoted to add to this fear. Our world is in chaos as people, once thought to be reasonable, give in to unreasonable requests without considering the consequences. It seems questioning has become a sign of a political position instead of a percept given to us by God. Testing everything should and must be a part of the human experience or we will find out how fragile that experience is.

Each one of us needs to regard reason, contemplation and questioning as a benefit instead of a sign of resistance.

The truth is, the way I see something, may be different than the way you see it. Reason is seen in the willingness to listen, discuss and consider our differences. Unfortunately, doing so has become a point of demarcation instead of a sign of respect, kindness, and mutual consideration.

I find it fascinating and refreshing when I take the time to consider an opposing view. Here, when presented rationally, is where my interest is peaked by the notion of ideas contrary to my own.

At the same time, when faced with a hostile and dismissive attitude, “reason gives way” to a hostile and dismissive response. This is where we see a complete breakdown in our ability to reason.

As “reason gives way” we see ignorance rising, becoming empowered and growing at an alarming rate.

The beauty is all is not lost. In the end, reason will triumph; unless we continue to believe anyone, who disagrees with us is unreasonable.

As with everything in life, this too is a choice. The difference is this choice may hold the future for all of us.

If you and I cannot disagree without seeing each other as unreasonable, we must ask ourselves why. Being unwilling to do so, is where “reason gives way” and we will be responsible for the damage we impose regardless of the reason!

Proverbs 1:7, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

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