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Rolling in the Deep

Over the years I have known quite a few people who struggle with developing relationships. They seem to have difficulty connecting or fitting in with those around them.


I believe a primary reason is many people prefer to live their lives close to the surface.

They don’t seem to care to dive very deep into the issues of life. They seem to prefer to take life a little less seriously and they appear to be the most comfortable when things are light and easy.

Consequently, some people feel safer and more secure staying closer to the shores of life. Others, however, are more comfortable rolling in the deep. Because of this, they find themselves feeling out of place and unsure how to relate to those closer to shore.

It could just simply be a season of life, but at this point, I find I am constantly focused on the deep. I am continually looking for truth and meaning I cannot find on the surface where I spent most of my adult life.

Because of this change of focus, I have gone from trying to escape my reality to embracing it. Now, I am searching hard after the depth beyond the shallow places of my life.

I am not suggesting we shouldn’t enjoy splashing around in the shallows on occasion, I just believe there is so much more joy and yes, even fun to be found when I am rolling in the deep.

So, if it seems difficult to find your place among the people you associate with on a regular basis, ask yourself if you need to go out a little deeper than your current relationships can take you.

You may find once you give in to rolling in the deep, the feelings of uncertainty will slowly begin to give way to the certainty that comes with that deeper dive.

You see, it is the depths of life where I feel the most comfortable and complete.

If you are struggling with where you find yourself today, perhaps you should try rolling in the deep. If you do, I believe, you may find that was where you belonged all along!

Romans 11:33, “Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways!”

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