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Running with the Devil

“I found the simple life, ain’t so simple.” The lyrics of this song by Van Halen certainly ring true today.

As vindication, validation, and the need to make others feel good about themselves and their choices, has given way to accepting and condoning just about everything.

The days of dissent and debate are disappearing as people quietly refrain from sharing their thoughts or opinions for fear it may be viewed as intolerant, or worst yet, as hateful.

Today’s world is one in which anything and everything goes, except an opposing view. This has become the new normal as truth gives way to personal preference and choice. In fact, the truth has become what you want it to be. Which means there really is no truth at all.

When our thoughts and convictions are disallowed because they do not line up with those of another, we have reached a point in life’s race where we are now “running with the devil”.

You may be thinking, how can I say this? Isn’t the ability to see relative truth a more enlightened state of being? Have we not evolved to a better understanding of truth itself?

The answer to these questions is a very adamant no.

You see, the truth does not change, and relative truth is not enlightened at all. Relative truth is simply denying the truth when it does not fit our narrative. In fact, the truth does not exist when we are “running with the devil”. Here is where deceit and darkness prevail.

An everchanging version of the truth is a slippery slope into that darkness and only leads to chaos and confusion.

The idea no one can say what is true is a prominent philosophy. It is so prominent we cannot even identify our gender without offending someone who sees themselves as binary. The rabbit hole this is leading us down has no bottom as we continue to redefine truth with each new set of wants or desires.

The interesting part about “running with the devil” is he gladly invites us to participate in the race. The fascinating part about evil is how easily it can disguise the truth. It does so under the guise of love and tolerance.

Today, the need for discipline or correction are considered archaic and obsolete. Because of this, the race to hell will be littered with well-intentioned people who believe “running with the devil” is the lesser of two evils.

Perhaps we who claim to live by the truth, have done such a lousy job of representing truth that evil has become a preferred option. If that is the case, it is time to get out of the race and reassess the truth we claim to believe in.

The bottom line is, there really is only one truth and one way to know that truth. That truth and way is Jesus.

If we will choose to run alongside Him, the devil himself will not be able to keep up!

John 14:6, “Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

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