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Success and Satisfaction

Growing up economically challenged, I always had a vision of success. That vision included having a lot of money, a big house, cars, boats, and anything else my heart desired.

This caused me to be convinced that “success and satisfaction” would be found in wealth accumulation.

I do not think I am alone. Most people would measure success similarly if asked to define what success means to them.

What fascinates me about “success and satisfaction” is that most people would say it is measured by the level of happiness they achieve. I assume the belief is that satisfaction and happiness will result if we have everything I mentioned previously.  

Is that true? Do wealth and material things automatically make someone happy or satisfied?

I don’t think we have to look too far at some we assume are happy because of their fame and fortune to see all the problems and dysfunction in their lives. The rate of divorce, addiction, and suicides in the lives of many celebrities gives credence to my contention.

So, if we can agree that fame, fortune, and privilege do not necessarily equate to “success and satisfaction,” the question is, what does?

Here is where we must decide what “success and satisfaction” means.

I have spent a lifetime focused on accumulating wealth. Early in my wife's and children's lives, I believed my primary responsibility was to provide them with everything I did not have as a child.

I wanted to show my wife I loved her by giving her houses and cars. I also wanted my children to want for nothing, so I worked hard to provide them with things. Even though I did, I can say without hesitation that “success and satisfaction” were not the result.

Why? Because I had completely missed the mark. I discovered success is not the accumulation of wealth and things. Success is finding joy in what you do; satisfaction is the outflow of joy.

Do I believe my wife and kids were well cared for and happy? The answer is yes, overall. However, the joy that brings success and satisfaction was often missing. This is because I did not realize that being with them was more important than giving things to them.

So, if we define success by the notion that if I only had more, I would be satisfied; I submit without joy, we will never have the “success and satisfaction” we all seek!

Psalms 37:4, “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

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Douglas McClain
Douglas McClain
01 juil.
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Success is finding joy in what you do; satisfaction is the outflow of joy.

Good deep thoughts...

John Whitehead
John Whitehead
02 juil.
En réponse à

Thanks brother! Hope to see you soon.

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