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The End of the Innocence

Growing up my brother and I spent most of our time playing outside with toys and the other children in the neighborhood. We were always pretending, building forts, and hiding from each other.

There were times we got mad, fought, and went home upset and angry, only to return a few hours later or the next day to play together again.

The innocence in how we lived allowed us to be children and nothing more. Whether we played with girls or boys, with dolls or GI Joes, we never did so for any reason other than to have fun.

Today we are seeing “the end of the innocence” as adults are telling us children need to be taught about sexuality and gender because it is something that is always on their minds.

I do not speak for everyone, but in my life and the life of my children, this was not the case.

I remember being a boy and all my friends were boys. In fact, we thought girls had “cooties”. By the way, this was a well-accepted and acknowledged truth among the boys I played with.

It wasn’t until I was about twelve years old, I began to see girls differently. Even then, I was not consumed with thoughts of having sex. I was busy trying to figure out how to muster up the courage to write a note or to hold a girl’s hand.

Those times are being taken from our children today.

In their place, we see adults trying to teach children about different sex acts under the guise of being good, healthy, and normal for curious youngsters who need to be taught early on the proper way of having different types of sex with different types of people.

We are being told this is necessary because children are constantly thinking about sex and can be confused about their gender.

This has not been my experience.

In fact, I contend teaching our children about these types of things is what these adults want. They are the ones thinking about different sex acts. They are the ones confused about their gender, not the children they have been given the privilege to lead, teach and oversee.

“The end of the innocence” came soon enough in my life. I did not need it to be hastened by an agenda that seems more focused on indoctrinating children than educating them.

It appears the days of building forts, fighting, and believing girls have “cooties” have come and gone. The innocence being taken away today is purposeful and without restraint.

This is a sad indictment on the culture we live in. Simply because confusion, chaos and the concerns of life come soon enough. We do not need to force them on unconcerned and unsuspecting children.

What can be done about “the end of the innocence” taking place all around us?

Maybe we can stop long enough to remember how good it felt to be innocent and allow the next generation to experience that innocence on their own. If not, I am afraid the total lack of innocence will produce a culture filled with guilty people doing things they will be guilt ridden by for their entire lives.

Maybe we should give this generation the same opportunity we had. To live in a way that is innocent, pure, and undefiled.

If we do, maybe the same joy we knew as children will be known by them. If not, this truly is, “the end of the innocence”.

Matthew 18:6, “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea”.

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