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The Face of Evil

There is a diabolical plot being perpetrated on humanity. It is being carried out under the guise of truth. The rate of success being achieved is both remarkable and frightening. The tone and forceful nature with which this can be seen gives us a window into to just how insidious and pervasive this truly is.

Perhaps the greatest work being done is not allowing room for disagreement or dissent. In turn, every disagreement becomes an argument instead of a chance for respectful debate.

The evidence to my contention is all around us as deviance, perversion, exploitation of children and the promotion of the most heinous of lifestyles are being heralded as the new way forward. All the while, those involved in these lifestyles are being celebrated as the victims of an oppressive culture. The hatred of those who oppose this mantra is not only encouraged but required.

This is a brilliant tactic and only those with the evilest of intentions can pull it off.

Because of this, “the face of evil” has been diminished to the point where it is almost unrecognizable. As I say this, I submit the ability for this to occur has led us down a slippery slope from which there may be no return.

In response to this notion, there are many today who would say we are on the road to enlightenment and embracing our differences is the evidence. Further, it is said, if we allow people to seek their own version of the truth, we will find goodness and create a society filled with tolerance and acceptance where everyone will be equal.

The sound and sentiment of the message is the primary reason for its effectiveness.

Along with plucking the heart strings with words of virtue, the world is being told, the search for God and truth is what has led to many of problems mankind has faced up to now. So, the best answer is to dismiss the possibility of His existence and search for something else.

Again, I admit the brilliance of the argument, but do not mistake my admission as admiration. I am simply stating a fact. The irony of evil leading people astray is nothing new. This has been happening since the beginning of time.

Knowing that God is real, and Satan is an adversary, it makes sense blaming the search for God and truth as the reason for the issues of society and someone’s personal struggles.

Where to go from here is something we must each decide.

Do we ignore “the face of evil” and embrace the many lies we are being fed or do we look evil in the face and stand on the truth no matter the cost?

There is no doubt the answer we give will be different for each of us. Regardless, the answer will affect us all.

How can we recognize “the face of evil”? We can only do so by seeking the face of God. Here is where truth is found and here is where we must make our stand or we may find, we will not be given the opportunity to stand much longer.

Have the people of God contributed to evil’s ability to reign in the hearts of mankind during their search for God and truth? Undoubtedly, and though this may be true in some cases, this condition is not terminal.

The same redemption found in Jesus will help His Church live out their faith in a way that exposes “the face of evil” and points people to the truth.

The question is will we stand on the truth, or we will we cower in “the face of evil”? The enemy believes we have already provided the answer. In fact, he believes we are cowering now, and we do not have the faith to stand.

Is he right? I suppose the answer will reveal itself when we are standing face to face with evil ourselves.

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