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The Faith not to Believe

I have always been fascinated by the contention God does not exist. It is the matter of fact way in which this is professed I find most interesting.

The reason I feel this way is I wonder how someone can be so sure?

The immediate response to this question is always the same. How can you be so sure God does exist? Though I believe this is a fair response. I also believe my reasoning is fair as well.

I contend I am so sure there is a God because the evidence speaks for itself.

Creation, birth, life, death, hope and love all point to the reality there must be something greater behind these amazing things. The assertion it is God who created these things seems reasonable and elementary to me. I believe this is true because there really is no other reasonable explanation. In fact, I believe it is unreasonable to argue otherwise.

As with many of the things I write, I am certain this will upset some and anger others.

My question is as always, why? If you truly believe God does not exist, why would it anger you that I believe He does.

Some will say, because you are trying to impose your values and beliefs on others. I contend, I am doing nothing of the sort. I am simply communicating my belief.

Further, I do not believe it is my job to convince anyone otherwise. My job if there is one, is to live my life in a way that points to God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit who lives in the hearts of those who do believe in Him. If I do this the way I should, others may see Him in me.

This is not intended to be pompous or self-righteous. It is intended to represent what I believe is true.

Perhaps you feel the Church has been involved in many things that point to anything but God. I would respond with a resounding yes, you are right. But I would also like to point out the Church is also known to have done many things for the world in times of crisis and disaster that point to God.

Both statements point to one reality, the Church, just like the world, is filled with flawed people and flawed people live flawed lives. Though some will rail the Church claims to be different. I believe the Church is different but only in one way.

The Church is the body of Christ or His physical presence on earth until He returns. This does not make the people in the Church perfect; it just gives the people in the Church a model of perfection to follow.

My desire in writing this is not to change anyone’s mind about God, it is to share my heart as it relates to God and people.

You see, it is a perfect God who went to the Cross to die for an imperfect people. It is the same perfect God that rose from the dead after three days to provide a way for imperfection to co-exist with perfection.

It is simple really.

Man is burdened and troubled and Jesus provided us a way to cast those burdens and troubles on Him. To allow issues with people to keep you from accepting God is not only a shame, but also completely unreasonable.

So, as you search for reason and are convinced it cannot be found in God. Ask yourself if you have ever taken the time to read the Bible and allow the Words to speak to you?

If you have not, I would simply ask why not. I ask this because, I believe it takes more “faith not to believe” than it does to believe.

The question is where have you placed your faith?

Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

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