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The Intensity of Intentions

As I continue to consider the things occurring all around us today. I am amazed at the intensity with which people express their views.

To me, the shouting and anger being used to express outrage speak of ignorance and an inability to present your viewpoint in a way that affords someone else the opportunity to thoughtfully consider your perspective.

This attitude, as with everything in life is nothing new. Throughout history in both the Bible and the world, we have seen this play out time and time again.

Unfortunately, the “intensity of intentions” used to communicate has most always led to unfavorable results.

In Jesus’ day, we see Caiaphas, the High Priest. His intentions in accusing, assaulting and ultimately having Jesus tried and crucified was incredibly intense. Though today we see his acts as heinous, his intentions were to preserve both the religious practices of the day and to protect the people of Jerusalem from Roman persecution.

Pilate himself had an intensity in his intentions too. He was concerned with both pacifying the Jews and preserving the peace in the province under his control and he was willing to do so at any cost.

Were either of these men wrong in the intense way they went about what they intended? I guess you can consider that question for yourself.

My point is simply this. We may want to consider the consequences or outcomes which may result from the intensity of our intentions.

For Jesus, those consequences meant His death. For Caiaphas, they led to the beginning of the Church which would and continues to shake the foundations of established religion everywhere. For Pilate, it meant to be known throughout history as the Roman official who sentenced Jesus Christ to the Cross.

God’s plan as It always does, was carried out in spite of man’s intentions. Because of the “intensity of the intentions” of these men, you and I were given an opportunity to be reconciled to God.

As you consider the “intensity of intentions” with which you may feel justified and empowered. I pray you also consider the possible consequences and outcomes of those intentions.

The only plan that came to fruition in light of the “intensity of intentions” presented was God’s plan and there was a lot of pain required to fulfill His intentions.

The question is, are you ready for the results of the intensity of your intentions? I hope so, because ultimately, you may not have a choice.

Romans 8:28, “all things work for good for those who know Him and are called according to His purposes.”

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