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The Shame of Sarcasm

Many people use sarcasm as a weapon. They brandish it with skill and leave their victims stunned and staggered.

Most of us have known people like this. They use sarcasm in an effort to be funny or witty, but if we are honest, most times they are just being an ass.

Sarcasm is used to express an opinion or viewpoint using humor as the vehicle to deliver that message at the expense of another. Though it is said, laughter is the best medicine, and everyone enjoys a good laugh, there are not many who appreciate being the brunt of a joke.

That is one of the interesting things about humor. Things always seems funnier when they are directed toward someone else. Conversely, it is never quite as funny when the joke is directed at us.

This reality can make sarcasm both frustrating and difficult when you are on the receiving end.

Even though I do not particularly care for sarcasm and am not fond of overly sarcastic people. I am guilty of using sarcasm from time to time myself.

Is there anything wrong with this? Perhaps not, but it certainly does not feel right when it comes your way.

Since sarcasm is used under the guise of humor, there appears to be no responsibility for how it is received. In fact, sarcasm is freeing for the user because it affords them an opportunity to be rude and obnoxious without being held accountable.

This is where the “the shame of sarcasm” begins. It is shameful because it replaces an opportunity to be constructive with an attitude of unbridled criticism as it is unloaded on another without consideration of the harm it may cause.

If we can agree sarcasm is shameful, why do you suppose it is used so often by so many?

I truly believe it is because sarcasm is habitual and the person who constantly uses it, in most cases, does not mean any harm and may be totally unaware of the harm being caused.

I also believe, the person who constantly participates in the use of sarcasm is compensating for some shortcoming in their own life. In fact, this may be an indication of an inability or an unwillingness to say what needs to be said in a thoughtful considerate manner.

So, the next time you feel the need to use sarcasm to make a point, try to remember the pain you are inflicting on others may only be eclipsed by the shame you are inflicting on yourself.

Proverbs 15:4 “A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit.”

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