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The Story of My Life

We all have a story to tell and each of those stories is unique to us. Our perspective of our story has been shaped over time and continues to evolve as we age.

My story is one I have shared on many occasions and doing so has allowed me to hear from others who have had experiences like mine, or at least fraught, with some of the same pitfalls.

“The story of my life” as with anyone who may read this is ever changing and continues to grow as time goes by. This is true because each new encounter begins a new chapter. Just as each memory can reveal a sense of remorse, or a sense of longing, in the chapters we have already written.

The past has shaped us for the present and our future will reveal to us what, we have learned along the way. In every case the story unfolds and leads us forward.

Many times, we may be hindered by a memory of hurt or pain, but it is only for a moment unless we give it more weight than we should.

The ability to look back can be a blessing and a curse but, either way, it has led us to where we are now.

Some people struggle with their story and miss the beauty of being where they are now. Interestingly, this has nothing to do with wealth, property, or privilege.

This has everything to do with how we see our story.

“The story of my life” in some instances, is one that requires me to look deep inside to find the lesson or the reason for the season I may have gone through. The willingness to search for these lessons or reasons helps me to find value even in the darkest chapters of life.

If I were to have the chance to ask you the story of your life, how would you begin?

Would you start with moments of hurt, despair and anguish you may have experienced? Or would you start with the joy, laughter and love you have known and been shown throughout your life.

The answer to this question will provide you with a window into the way you not only perceive but tell your story. Knowing this can make our story easier to tell for some and more difficult for others.

Yet, whether you start your story from good times or bad, your story reflects how you see your life.

I can honestly say, I am blessed to have lived the life I am living. This does not mean everything has been good, or that there haven’t been periods of my life I would have rather avoided.

Regardless, when I tell “the story of my life” to anyone I always strive to communicate my life has been more than I could have every hoped for.

Why? The answer is simple. Every time I get to tell my story to someone is a moment in life I get to spend relating to another person and I never want to weigh them down with a story of darkness and despair. Instead, I want to lift them up with a story of hope and dreams fulfilled.

Because that is “the story of my life”.


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Paul W Petrillo
Paul W Petrillo
04 de jun.
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

Cool thing is we all have a story. And even cooler yet, God isn't done writing it yet.

John Whitehead
John Whitehead
04 de jun.
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Amen, amen!

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