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The Voice of Truth

The truth has become something of an enigma today. In fact, truth is in a constant state of flux as identities and ideologies begin to establish their own versions of the truth.

This is very convenient because at this moment in human history, we find ourselves in a world convinced there is no absolute truth.

Undoubtedly this statement is a fact as we see people conforming truth to their own lives and social construct. The freedom found is this is, the reality I cannot be wrong. This makes my way is the right way because it is right for me.

Consequently, this is seen as fair and just. That is until and unless your way infringes on mine.

Even as I write this, my mind becomes confused and conflicted as I try and comprehend the irrational nature of this premise.

You see, there is only one truth and no matter how inconvenient that may be for us, it is no less true. The confusion and confliction associated with this comes from “the voice of truth” which echoes in the hearts and minds of people.

This voice speaks to us as we wrestle with the need for justification and validation when we are in opposition to absolute truth. Yet even then in many cases, the need is louder than the voice.


I believe it is because we all know when we are in opposition to the truth, which makes us resistant and militant. The further our choices are from the truth, the stronger the urge to resist becomes.

This is true for all of us and is something we must acknowledge and strive to compensate for as we walk through a world where anything and everything goes.

The irony about” the voice of truth” is it is not shouting at us in the same way relative truth is. In fact, “the voice of truth” is whispering to us in a still small voice which requires us to listen more intently.

The reason “the voice of truth” speaks to us in a whisper is so, our focus will grow more on the voice and less on the things trying desperately to move us further and further away from it.

The insidious nature in which this is occurring should be enough to make us question whether we are applying the truth to our lives or accepting a lie as a matter of convenience.

Although it is never comfortable when we are told what we want and desire is wrong, it does not make it any less true.

The question I have for us to consider is, will we listen to “the voice of truth” or will we use our voice to create a truth of our own??

Ephesians 4:25, “Therefore, laying aside falsehood, speak truth each one of you with his neighbor, for we are members of one another”

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