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The Walking Dead

I used to watch the television show “The Walking Dead” up until about season 8, when it became too dark for me. Leading up to that season though, I watched with great anticipation to see what would happen next. Who would die and who would survive always caused excitement and intrigue for me?

This was the interesting part of the show and it had nothing to do with the zombies.

Whether it was the intention of the comic book creators who wrote the stories or not; they demonstrated, in a very profound way, the nature of human beings when faced with their own survival. The me first, at all cost mindset, revealed through these characters gave a very real depiction of the willingness of people to do whatever it takes to survive.

You see, the desire for self-preservation is very real and is inherent to each of us. We all would do things we never thought possible given the choice between living and dying.

I am convinced what is going on in our world today is pushing us all to choose survival or to become “the walking dead”. If you do not believe this is true, just look around you, and more importantly look back at history.

In the past, nations of people were subjected to group think and stripped of their individual rights under the guise of the betterment of all. These same people become disturbed, disgusted, and angry with the those who would assert their beliefs and positions on a myriad of issues.

Then and now, there are people who appear to be like the “walkers”, while others are taking up positions and organizing into smaller groups of like-minded people.

I truly have no idea where where we go from here, as our leaders continue to use any means necessary to ensure compliance. But, if history gives us any indication, the end results will not be good.

What I do know is we have not been called to be “the walking dead”. We have been called to live a full and abundant life, to love one another and care for each other regardless of the circumstances. Ironically, it is this very calling that leads us to seek to ensure our own survival.

Remember, the “walking dead” are the ones who just wonder aimlessly regardless of the circumstance. While the “survivors” risk it all, intent on living and doing whatever they must to survive.

The question is, which group are you in?

John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.

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