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Too Lost to Save

I recently spent a few days in the Akron, Ohio area where I encountered a ministry called, Really Recovered.

The impact on my paradigm regarding the role of Christ Followers and Churches in general was rocked by what I saw. This ministry and its leaders are as close an example of the first church in the book of Acts I have ever encountered.

The people who are a part of this place are the ones some would say are “too lost to save”.

They are the people we see from afar and never speak to or approach for fear of what might happen. They have no families, no friends, and no material possessions. When they are not in jail, they spend their time seeking and searching for ways to feed their addictions by whatever means necessary.

As I spent time with these people, I found them to be endearing, thoughtful and welcoming. The reason is, they have been raised from the dead by a Savior who knows, they are not, “too lost to save.” In fact, they are no more lost than I was before I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and they are no more lost than you are if you should choose to accept Him.

While there, I had the privilege of spending time with a guy named Ken who leads this ministry. I was there by invitation to provide consultation as to how they can move the ministry forward.

What I found was I was the one who received counsel.

You see, my perspective, as well as most in the Church, made it almost impossible to understand the goal of this ministry. The goal is not to get these folks clean and return them to society as a productive member. The goal is to bring the dead back to life. From there, those people will lead the next group of people and so on and so on.

I believe the world has influenced the Church of Jesus Christ to the point we truly struggle with understanding how this works. I know this is true because the primary questions from everyone not directly involved in the ministry were, how long will these people be there and when will they be able to work and sustain themselves?

The answer was and is simply for most of them, they will never do these things. Their role will be to make disciples who make disciples. Their focus will not just be on Jesus until they are clean. Their focus will be on Jesus until He returns or calls them home.

As I said, this has challenged everything I know and understand about living out my faith in the world today. As I think about this, I praise God for Ken, Billy, Josh, Steveo, Missy, Craig, Ryan, Amy, Paul, Brian, Amanda and all the others who welcomed me without judgment or prejudice.

I know they believe, I am not “too lost to save”. Now, thankfully, I know they are not either!

Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

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