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Vengeance Inspires Vengeance

In a world where being vengeful is championed and heralded as required to right the wrongs of even the smallest indiscretion, it is not hard to see “vengeance inspires vengeance”.

All of us have most likely experienced being wronged, hurt, or have been treated unfairly. Our natural response may be to lash out or to seek revenge or retribution.

Unfortunately, this almost never corrects or rights a wrong. In fact, in most cases it only exasperates it.

Even though this response may be natural, it does not make it right. This is true because the effect on those around us may be more hurtful than the pain we have experienced.

Sadly, this may be the goal for many.

This played out perfectly in a movie I just watched. The movie was “The Batman”. It left me amazed by the power vengeance had on Batman and the affect seeking vengeance had on others.

You see, “The Batman’s” need for vengeance was motivated by the murder of his parents. The irony is his pursuit of vengeance inspired the” Riddler” to carry out a form of vengeance of his own.

While Batman sought vengeance by fighting crime and intimidating criminals. The Riddler exacted vengeance by torturing and killing those who were corrupt and corrupting others.

Though Batman felt justified in the vengeance he sought, he was appalled when he learned he had inspired the Riddler to carry out his own brand of vengeance.

Batman believed he and the Riddler were nothing alike; but the Riddler knew they were exactly alike because they were both consumed with a need for vengeance.

Is it any different for you and me? Do we understand our “vengeance inspires vengeance” in others?

Perhaps you are thinking the extremes of Batman and the Riddler, do not compare to your life. Well, what if you are wrong? What if your family, friends, and co-workers see a vengeful heart in you and model that in a way you never thought possible?

I believe our response to the hurts, disappointments and unmet expectations of life can produce a vengeance in us that can be both ugly and damaging. The simplicity of this truth is why the Lord says, “vengeance is mine”.

He knew we would not be capable of dealing with the corrupting effect of vengeance. He also knows, “vengeance inspires vengeance” which only leads to harm and destruction.

In the end, hopefully we will choose as Batman did, to turn our need for vengeance into a desire to help. If we do, maybe we will inspire others to make a difference which will make our world a better place.

The question is, when hurt or wronged, will we be forgiving instead of vengeful? The answer will be seen when we see "forgiveness inspiring forgiveness" in others!

Romans 12:19, “Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.”

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