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What If?

Memories are filled with people, places, and times where significant things have occurred in our lives. Many times, these memories cause us to stop and consider where our choices and decisions have led us.

These are “what if” moments and they can be both motivating and stifling.

In fact, if we are not careful “what if” is one of those questions that can haunt us our entire lives. “What if” I had of done this or that? “What if” I had taken that job or went in one direction or another.

The tendency to second guess our life choices is both natural and normal. It is what we do from there that matters.

Do we allow the “what if” moments to define us and hold us back? Or do we use them to catapult us forward into the future with a sense of certainty, believing the next moment will not be a “what if” moment, it will be a because of moment.

For many, the difficulty comes, when looking back, things tend to seem so much better or worse than they really were.

While some say hindsight is twenty-twenty, I believe when you look back with clear lens, instead of rose-colored glasses, you will see things were not quite as bad or as good as we may remember.

As I survey the “what if” moments of my life, I see some with regret or a sense of discouragement. But just as often, I realize just how glad I am I did not make that choice or stay in that situation longer than I did.

If we are the sum of our experiences, then we must realize the “what if” points of life have played a major role in where we find ourselves today. At times, even though this may cause us to have regrets, we cannot stay there because regret is real, and remorse follows closely behind it.

The truth is, the “what if” moments of life, have contributed to our lives, past, present, and future. When we can acknowledge this, we can find peace in knowing we are right where we are supposed to be.

This will allow us to see a present filled with joy and a future filled with hope.

So, instead of looking back with a “what if” perspective, let’s look around and be amazed by where we find ourselves today.

You see, this is your time, and this is your moment and where you go from here will be directly affected by your ability to realize that right now.

The question is “what if” you believed that was true?

Deuteronomy 31:8, “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

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