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It's For You

In this me centric world, it is hard to believe there is an attitude that suggests what’ I am doing is not being done for me, “it’s for you”.

This is hard to believe because it flies in the face of everything, we know to be true when we consider our own hearts, minds, and attitudes regarding others.

In fact, this is a statistical improbability, if not an impossibility since most of us are almost always focused on ourselves and what we are concerned with or thinking about. The idea we are suddenly consumed with caring for others, though admirable, is simply unrealistic.

From wokeness and vaccines, to mask wearing and ideas of inclusion and equity, we see a trend where people are responding to issues they most likely do not understand, care little about or are unfamiliar with, while having an “it’s for you” mindset.

Why? The reason is an apparent need to be seen as virtuous. Why is it so important to be seen as virtuous? I truly believe it all goes back to the love of self we all must deal with. The idea we can show love simply by appearing to agree or by saying the right things the right way gives credence to his contention.

How do we know this is true? We know this is true because when people are standing up and for things, which have little effect on them individually, it is most always done for their benefit, not for the benefit of the cause or group they profess to support.

What can we do about this tendency? Perhaps we can start by being honest enough to ask someone why I should be supportive of your issue, point or cause. Maybe we can begin to care enough to genuinely question things we do not understand.

Imagine a world where dialogue would lead to conversation, understanding and cooperation. Then, we would not be moved by false premises. Then, we would decide our position based on how it is affecting others instead of trying to feel good about ourselves.

The world would certainly benefit from people who are concerned about others, the issues they face and are dealing with. We all should be able to tell someone we care about, I am not standing with you for me, “it’s for you” and I will stand with you if you need me to.

Here is where we will find common ground, acceptance, and unity. Then, our world will be in line with God’s plan for His creation. That we would love one another in a way that allows others to know they are loved because of who they are, not because it benefits us.

Can we do this? Or are we so self-absorbed we cannot even consider the possibility we say we care because we want you to think “it‘s for you”, when we know all along, it is and always has been for me?

Philippians 2:3 Do nothing out of rivalry or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important

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