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It Wonders Me

Life is a marvel. The ability to live it at this time in history is extraordinary. Innovations and technologies have made our lives easier and the access to information is astonishing. Yet one thing remains the same.

Our lives are a wonder.

The statement in the title of this post “it wonders me” is one I got from our son when he was a very young boy. The way he said it and the simplicity of the truth in this statement rings loudly and has echoed in my heart and mind for many years.

I have often wondered about things, but I am not sure how often they have wondered me?

“It wonders me” makes me think about the effect many issues in life have on us. It makes me realize the areas of life that I do not understand do not have to create anger and confusion for me. Instead, if I allow them to, these things can create a sense of wonder that makes life worth living.

I believe the simple rearranging of the words I wonder and “it wonders me “is profound because wondering about something is completely different than being wondered by something.

Considering the depth of this statement has caused me to ask the question, do the things I wonder about in my life create a sense of wonder in me? Or am I just wondering without appreciating what that means?

You see, life is an opportunity to constantly reassess and reconsider so many things as we go through it. But, if we lose the sense of wonder life can bring, we have lost something we may regret.

The wonder of relationships, loss and caring. The gift of family, friends, co-workers, and peers along with the love we share with those closest to us is truly something to marvel at as we experience the ebb and flow of life.

If we are not awe struck or if we fail to marvel at the beauty of living, I believe we have missed the reason and purpose of our lives completely.

You see, “it wonders me” when I see a world where people are distraught, hurting, lonely, confused and without hope, while folks around them seem to ignore them or pass them by without consideration. It almost seems as if many have given in or are giving up in the face of situations and circumstances that are beyond their ability to understand or accept.

“It wonders me” if I have been so consumed with my own life that I have missed out on the opportunity to speak life to someone else.

As I consider these things, I must ask myself, have I allowed the sense of wonder to cause me to miss the wonder of living?

I am not sure everyone is as impressed by the wonder this life provides as I am, but I am convinced the reason “it wonders me” is because it is beyond my comprehension to completely understand the goodness and joy that can be found in the wonder of living!

Psalm 86:10, “For You are great and perform wonders; You alone are God.

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