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Positioned to Change

Change is constant in life. From birth to death, we are in a state of change. These changes occur physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

What I find interesting is how change changes us.

Because of what I do, I have had a unique perspective when it comes to people who are “positioned to change”. It has always been interesting to observe everything from someone’s posture to their countenance, change as they assume their new positions.

These changes are not always bad, but they are always noticeable.

In some, the weight of responsibility causes them to change. In others, their attitude, and the way they deal with those they are now positioned to lead changes.

Having been self-employed most of my working life, as my business grew and changed, I felt I had to assume a new demeanor to demonstrate I understood the weight and authority of my position.

Then again, as I think about it, maybe I just wanted to ensure others understood the authority my position held. In either case, I was “positioned to change” and this changed me. It changed what I thought, the way I acted and the way I saw others in my sphere of influence.


It is because, being “positioned to change” brings about changes in us. The question we must ask is, what can we do to make sure our change in position does not change us into something we never wanted to be.

The way to avoid this lies in self-awareness, which leads us to self-assurance. When we understand these two attributes of our character the only change others will see in us is one of self-improvement, or at least the desire for it.

So, if you find yourself wrestling with your newfound position, remember you do not lead others by position, you lead them by influence.

You see, positional leadership may cause us to believe people are following us, when in fact, they are tolerating us until something better comes along. Leading by influence, however, causes people to want to follow, and when we have influence, they do so willingly because of what they see in us.

So, when we change position, it does not mean we have to change the way we see ourselves. Instead, we should allow our new responsibility to cause us to see the need to lead others the way would want to be led.

When we do, not only will we be “positioned by change”, but we will also be changed by our position into the person we were created to be.

I have found remembering where I came from is the great equalizer. You see, we are all “positioned to change “, we just do not need to try and impress that change on others!

Proverbs 18:18, " The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out."

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