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Slave to Culture

Slavery past, present and future has and will always exist. The reason this is true is as long as there are those who wield power, there will always be those who are enslaved.

Despite this, today’s world seems fixated on righting this wrong and ensuring this will never occur again. The belief is if we create a culture of inclusivity, the result will be freedom forever for everyone.

Of course, this utopian dream, though commendable, is naïve because it fails to consider the nature of man, which is to impose his will on others.

In addition, no matter how righteous these notions appear, they are promoting a new type of slavery that requires everyone to become a “slave to culture”. This statement is truly ironic in a world where we cannot have business owners or master bedrooms in our homes because it upsets someone’s sensibilities.

The ensuing problem is many people have a habit of thinking independently which creates outrage where group think reigns supreme. If this is true, we must ask, can we live in a world where we are being told what to think without becoming a “slave to culture” ourselves?

The answer is we cannot.

So, what can we do to avoid being enslaved? We must stand up and out on issues that are encroaching on our freedom to think and believe what we choose. If we do not, we may find sooner than later these freedoms will not be tolerated.

A major problem is we do not know who decides what truths we must be a slave to or who dictates what we should think about the issues we are facing?

The answer should be obvious. We do, we decide what we believe, how we feel and who we agree with.

This is a novel idea today and is being met with resistance on many fronts. The question we should be asking is, why must everyone submit to being a “slave to culture”? The answer is because our current culture cannot survive without slaves.

We know this to be true when we see ideas being touted as truth are unable to hold up to scrutiny because those promoting them do not have the knowledge, understanding or ability to defend them.

Since this is true, total obedience or slavery is the only choice they have.

As always, in the end, truth will prevail and those who are exposed for their deceit will have to deal with the consequences. Until then, we will continue to watch as those around us try and convince us being a “slave to culture “is the only way forward.

As for me, if I am going to be a slave to anything or anyone it will not be to culture. It will be to Christ Jesus, because on that truth I know I can stand, and I also know I do not stand alone!

1 Peter 2:16, “Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves.

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