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The Silence is Deafening

There seems to be a silence permeating our culture and world. People watch, and seemingly adhere to, the will of those who are positioned to dictate authority over them.

This “silence is deafening” as each new day brings another mandate or requirement which seems to defy logic.

Those who share the views of those in authority are loud and brazen in their attempts to force others to submit to their will and their way of thinking. While those who are unsure remain silent as they try and understand the reasons for the forcefulness of the demands being made.

This is leading us to a tipping point where our silence becomes passive aggressive. In fact, the power of the “silence is deafening”.

Why is this occurring? What caused an attempt to fight an unknown and unseen enemy lead to a world where the noise is loud and obnoxious. What do we do as the under currents of concern and dissatisfaction fester and grow while the silence continues to grow louder and louder?

I do not have the answer, but I know there are many people just like me, who, when things are not going well or when they are upset or angry, tend to become very quiet. When this happens, those who know us well, immediately understand something is wrong.

It is when the “silence is deafening” that we should all become concerned.

My fear is those who are perpetrating this coordinated attack on a virus have shifted their focus and begun to attack anyone who will not submit to the outcry for conformity. This attempt to force control on others is creating a situation where this passive aggressiveness may very well give way to outright aggression.

Their inability to hear the silence may cause them to be unable to avert the coming crisis they have caused.

Is this possible? History tells us it is as circumstances from the past give credence to my contention. All we need to do is look back on civil unrest from the past to see the reasons it occurred. From "the betters too the lesser” in the days of feudalism in the British Empire, to the “bourgeois and the bourgeoisie” in France during their revolution.

In each of these cases, we see one group of people attempting to impose their will on another until those being oppressed could remain silent no longer.

The irony is, in each case, the outcome for those who were striving to control the masses was the same. It was the destruction of the very people and systems that sought to impose their will on the people.

Will it be different this time? Will the silent remain silent or will the voices of the masses rise and resist those who strive to control them?

I believe we are reaching a point where “the silence is deafening” in our world today.

This silence is growing louder with each passing day. The question is will those who are ignoring it, hear the silence before it is too late?

I suppose if we keep listening, we will find out soon enough!

1 Peter 2:15, “For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people”.

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