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Time is on My Side

As life continues to move forward, I have become increasingly more aware I have lived longer than the time I have left. This is not a morbid thought, just a realization.

Along with this is the understanding time is constantly moving forward and we will never get back the time we have used.

Many will say they do not have enough time, or if I only had more time. The interesting thing is we all have the same amount of time each day. It is how we spend the time we have that separates us.

What we do with the time we have is also the only aspect of it we control.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot save time or control the pace or speed of time. Knowing this is true, you would think we would cherish the time we have. If we did, I believe we would use it to be with the ones we love, doing things we enjoy doing.

Instead, many of us busy ourselves with the pursuit of things, using our time as if there is an unlimited amount available to us.

Unfortunately, I believe this happens because most of us, take both people and time for granted. It is as if with think, “time is on our side”. When in fact time knows no sides as it steadily marches on.

The realization I have had, has caused me to begin to slow down and to reassess just how I spend my time.

Now, I see clearly how being a highly motivated person and a gross over achiever has cost me time I can never get back. Using my time in this way has allowed me to enjoy a level of success I am thankful for. Yet, I am beginning to wonder if the reward is worth the price I’ve paid.

The loss in relational equity my drive to succeed and achieve has cost me cannot be ignored or overstated. This has caused me to question how I have used the time I have had and what my life might be like if I had done things differently.

I wonder, what my life would be like if I had spent more time loving my wife? Or, what if I had spent as much time being a husband to her and a father to my children as I did striving to achieve and provide for them?

As I reflect on these things, I realize maybe I should have spent as much time as I could being present in their lives.

Perhaps, you are like me. You remember being younger and feeling like time was standing still and now, you can see just how fast life has gone by.

You see, even though I still may think “time is on my side”, now I understand time is precious and fleeting. This has made me wonder if I have taken time for granted by simply assuming, I will have time to love those around me later.

It’s what we do now that matters. How we live and love will be the true indicator and measure of the value we have placed on the time we have been given. My hope is our Lord will grant me enough time to make sure those I love know I love them.

If, “time is on my side”, now I just must take the time to realize it!

Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.”

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